What is Hallmarked Gold jewellery

What is Hallmarked Gold jewellery

hallmark Buying precious jewellery is no casual matter and requires an investment of our hard earned financial resources. When so much is at stake, customers like to be sure about the quality and true value of the product they are purchasing. Knowing this, a national organization called the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS was set up in the year 2000. This organization hallmarks or certifies precious metals like gold and silver. The hallmark is a mark of trust. It shows that the product you are buying has been tested and evaluated by a recognized government body.

The Organized businesses have directed themselves to ensure each piece of Gold and Diamond jewellery in 18Kt and 22KT, besides Gold coins and bars and upto .995, silver articles are hallmarked at the registered centres only. The BIS organization has listed all the registered centres on the public domain. Only these 221 centres (as at August 2013) do Hallmarking in India. There have been a lot of new additions now.

Today, most renowned family jewellers and big jewellery brands use only BIS hallmarked gold and silver. You must never buy jewellery that isn’t hallmarked. Firstly, there is no way for an untrained eye to tell the quality of precious metal. The hallmark protects your interests and ensures you are not duped into buying inferior or impure metal. Secondly, hallmarked jewellery will always have better resale value.

Hallmarked jewellery must have all of the following:

  • The Bureau of Indian Standards Logo.
  • The fineness mark, which explains the percentage of precious metal used in the jewellery.
  • The code numberof the BIS centre which has carried out the evaluation.
  • The logo of the jeweller retailing the piece of jewellery
  • The year of hallmarking.

If you’re gold or silver jewellery has all these you can sure you have made a wise investment! All the gold and silver jewellery sold at KaratCraft.in is hallmarked so you can safely place your trust in us. At KaratCraft.com We offer ONLINE VERIFICATION of each piece of jewellery you purchase from us. We are the only Jewellery Brand in India to do so.

What most clients do not know is

  • .999 Purity is not BIS Hallmarked
  • No individual Certificate is issued by Jewellers for proving that ornament was hallmarked.
  • Most unorganized jewellers issue their own Visiting card like certificates. That is not a Guarantee of purity.
  • They offer free exchange, this is because they know the original content, but if you take the same ornament to melt and get tested in a karatometer most customers get a shock of their lives, it is never the same as it was told when they purchased it.

Thus to overcome these differences, we at Karatcraft.com aim to be completely transparent and honest, to our clients and give them the benefits, that a Retailer is unable to.