How to test if your diamond is fake!

How to test if your diamond is fake!

We’re always worried about being cheated when buying diamonds. Anything as precious or as valuable as a diamond must be bought with utmost caution. One of our main fears is that we will be sold fake diamonds, instead of real ones. It’s a genuine concern! The reason why most people are cheated is because only a trained eye can tell the difference. Which is why certification is a must. However, there are a few simple tests by which you yourself can check whether or not a diamond is real.

The rainbow test: Diamonds beautifully refract light, which is what makes them sparkle and twinkle. However, the sparkle of a diamond is always pure white or colourless. If you see rainbow coloured light or any other colour inside your diamond you can immediately tell that it is either fake or extremely poor quality. This is one thing you can check by simply viewing a diamond in day light. Use a magnifying glass for a more accurate inspection.

The fog test: This is something you can do at home to lose diamonds or to diamond jewellery. Place the diamond in front of your mouth and fog it, like you fog spectacles before cleaning them. If the fog or moistures stays on the surface of the diamond for a long time it’s probably a fake. Real diamonds disperse heat very quickly, almost instantaneously, so they do not stay foggy to long.

The magnification test: This too is a super simple test which you can do at home. But this one can only be done with loose diamonds. Place the diamonds on a newspaper or on the page of a book with text. If the stone acts like a magnifying glass and makes the text appear larger, it’s fake! Real diamonds are incapable of acting like a magnifying glass. In fact, they refract light so much that you won’t even be able to see the text which is underneath.

The X-Ray test: This test may be harder to do but is actually an accurate way of telling whether or not a diamond is fake. Real diamonds do not appear in X-Rays. You could try getting your diamond jewellery X-Rayed. If the stones show in the results, then they are definitely not real.

There’s another far simpler way to make sure you aren’t sold a lie; simply make a purchase from a trusted jeweller, like Ensure you always have appropriate certification so that you don’t have to spend your precious time testing the diamonds yourself. Simply buy diamond jewellery, and enjoy wearing it. Leave the testing & evaluations to us!